Pressure transmitters for railway applications

Robustness and reliability even in the most adverse operating conditions, these are the strengths of the new MIDAS SR pressure transmitter from JUMO.

Whether in braking equipment, compressed air generation, air conditioning, sanitary facilities, retarder control or for pantograph pressure – the application possibilities for railway engineering are many and varied.
However different the measurement tasks, the one thing they all have in common is the right to high-quality measurement technology that provides reliable measurement results, even under high vibration and shock loads, at extreme temperatures from -40 to 100°C and at overvoltage.
The new JUMO MIDAS SR has been developed and certified specifically for these measurement tasks, in compliance with the relevant regulations. It meets the requirements of the following standards: “Electronic equipment on railroad vehicles” (EN 50155), “Rolling stock equipment” (EN 61373), "Railway applications – electromagnetic compatibility – Part 3-2" (EN 50121-3-2) and “Railway applications – fire protection of rail vehicles – Part 2” (CEN/TS 45 545-2).
The silicon sensor used is installed in a stable, stainless steel housing, is extremely overload-resistant and is capable of millions of load changes. The fully welded measuring system is also made of stainless steel, and is suitable for use in all media. In addition to pressure measurement ranges from 2.5 bar to 60 bar, graduated in accordance with the DIN series, the design of the JUMO MIDAS SR also takes into consideration the specific measuring ranges for HVAC.

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