Compact pressure transmitters for the low pressure range

Precise in its measurements, steadfast in the face of the environment, unimpressed by time – the new MIDAS S06 from JUMO. Measuring pressure conditions in air intake and extraction systems, as well as filter monitoring or determining liquid levels in tanks and washers, needs equipment that measures as precisely as possible, is resistant to aggressive media, yet is also inexpensive.

The new pressure transmitter meets these seemingly contradictory requirements, partly because it has a silicon sensor installed in a stable, stainless steel housing. Even in the lowest measuring range of 100 mbar, it is extremely overload resistant and is capable of millions of load changes. The fully welded measuring system is also made of stainless steel, and is suitable for use in virtually all media. All the customary requirements with regard to EMC, vibration and shock resistance are met and exceeded.
The JUMO MIDAS S06 is available for relative pressure measurement ranges from 100 mbar to 10 bar, graduated in accordance with the DIN series. The outstanding long-term stability of 0.2% per year is impressive, and is temperature compensated in the -20 to +100°C range, with linearity better than 0.3%.
You can choose from a vast number of thread forms and sizes for connecting to the process. The usual current, voltage and ratiometric signals are available as the electric output.
All the development and production in state-of-the-art facilities is done exclusively by JUMO, allowing to us meet specific, customized requirements quickly and proficiently.

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