Expansion of Flue Gas Temperature Monitor Product Range JUMO heatTHERM-AT

The flue gas temperature monitor (ATW) from the JUMO heatTHERM-AT range is now even better equipped to meet the requirements of the heating industry and the related sectors.

A new feature for this device is the design of the probe element itself. The external diameter of this probe element is now 6 mm, rather than 4.2 mm as was previously the case. This makes the thermostat considerably more robust and suitable for heating more than living-spaces. Yet it meets the requirements of DIN EN 14 597 with regard to the response time of < 45 s in air, so that the new version is also approved according to this standard.

During the expansion of the product range particular value was placed on a higher admissible excess temperature at the probe element. After some technical adjustments, the thermostat now has a maximum probe temperature of 600 °C. As a result, use in older boiler systems with large variations in maximum temperatures is possible. In such cases, high temperature values may be produced – in particular during the ignition phase. The JUMO heatTHERM-AT ATW is also suitable for monitoring flue gas temperatures in modern plastic flue pipes. Its compact design – which is more streamlined than other ATW devices – makes it ideal for this purpose.

JUMO has succeeded in increasing the already large control range of the flue gas temperature monitor even further during the expansion of the product range. Users can select the required temperature in the range from 20 °C to 280 °C depending on the intended purpose. The classic application – flue gas temperature monitoring in a chimney – has been taken into account with calibration at around 100 °C, at which point the greatest degree of accuracy is achieved. Furthermore, it is possible to check the set switching temperature through the inspection window in the case lid.

By integrating the flue gas temperature monitor into the heatTHERM-AT series, JUMO has succeeded in transferring the advantages of the "Push-In®" terminal technology to this model. As part of the product expansion, the thermostat is now fully assembled in house by JUMO and is supplied ready for installation. Connection times are thereby reduced. The even force action throughout the entire operating life of the terminals results in reduced maintenance needs which in turn results in cost savings. Moreover, the product is available from stock in the described version. This availability ensures quick delivery for orders.

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