Proven pH and redox measurement now also for hygiene sector

JUMO Introduces New tecLine HY Electrode

The new JUMO tecLine HY pH electrode is an addition to the tried-and-tested tecLine range and is designed specifically for use in the hygiene sector (e.g. CIP/SIP cleaning systems). It has been specifically tailored to extreme process conditions.

The particularly robust electrodes of the JUMO tecLine HY series have been especially designed for professional applications in the process and industrial measuring technology field. They are constructed as combination electrodes to provide reliable and stable measured values even after CIP cleaning and on-site sterilization processes with temperatures of up to 135 °C and pressures of up to 6 bar.

A high-quality zirconium dioxide diaphragm ensures a quick response time even at low conductivity values of 100 µS/cm. The JUMO cartridge-style conduction system, which has been tried and tested over many years, is used as the reference system. Here, the electrolyte remains free of silver ions throughout the operating life and is therefore less vulnerable to electrode poisons such as amino acids or sulfides.

The reference electrode is filled with a newly developed, highly elastic hydrogel. It is physiologically safe and particularly resistant to aging. Biocompatibility testing according to EN ISO 10 993-5 also shows that the electrolyte has no cytotoxic effects on other media.
Proven JUMO HT glass is used as the pH-sensitive membrane glass. In addition to greater temperature resistance, this glass is also characterized by its high linearity at alkaline pH values (> 12). A version with integrated Pt1000 temperature probe and Vario Pin® (VP) plug head enables effective temperature compensation. The redox variant with robust platinum or gold tip provides reliable measured values and enables simple electrode cleaning.

As an optional extra, the electrodes can also be fitted with reusable JUMO digiLine electronics. With this variant, the specifications and measuring point information are saved directly in the electronics for clear identification and assignment of an electrode. Configuration, parameterization, and calibration data as well as logbooks can be called up directly even after the relevant transmitter has been replaced.

Counters for autoclave, SIP, and CIP cycles enable conclusions to be drawn about the previous stresses on the electrode due to cleaning and disinfection routines. This complete QA documentation covering the entire lifecycle makes the JUMO tecLine HY pH and redox electrodes the ideal solution for all applications in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

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