Innovative connection system award for digital sensors used in liquid analysis

JUMO digiLine System Receives MessTec & Sensor Masters Award

The trade journal "messtec drives Automation" annually hands out the MessTec & Sensor Masters Award for particularly innovative developments in measurement and sensor technology. For 2016, JUMO GmbH & Co. KG was awarded with third place in the sensor technology segment.

"The MessTec & Sensor Masters Award is an honor for our entire team and at the same time proof that we have solved an important current problem for trade professionals in a technologically sophisticated manner," states Matthias Kremer, who accepted the award as JUMO market segment manager for water and wastewater.

With digiLine, JUMO has developed an innovative connection system for digital sensors that enables the setup of intelligent sensor networks. As a result, all important measurement parameters for liquid analysis can be measured with a single system.

JUMO digiLine pH and redox sensors are delivered as a unit consisting of the sensor with reusable electronics. Once the electrode has become completely worn, the connection is separated and the electronics can continue to be used with a new sensor. "This makes sense on an economical and environmental level while at the same time providing real added value for the user," explains Matthias Kremer. The Digital Sensor Management software, which belongs to the system, is also completely new. Calibration data and the evaluation of the sensor status are stored directly in the sensor and enable seamless documentation over the entire life cycle.

The winners of the MessTec & Sensor Masters Award are determined in a multistage process. First, the readers of the trade journal "messtec drives Automation" make an initial selection from among all nominated products. At the trade fair MessTec & Sensor Masters the devices are once again presented and the trade fair visitors vote one more time.

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