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JUMO Is a Member of the "German Water Partnership"

The water/wastewater industry is very significant for JUMO. Innovative products and solutions ensure clean drinking water and purified wastewater around the globe. To further strengthen international cooperation and to intensify contact with science and research, JUMO has joined the "German Water Partnership".

350 private and public companies from the water sector as well as trade associations and institutions from business, science, and research have joined together in this association. This initiative, founded in 2008, is supported by the five German federal ministries for environment, research, development, the economy, and the foreign office.

"German Water Partnership" unites the activities, information, and innovations of the German water sector to strengthen the competitive position of the economy and research in international markets. The network drives innovations and contributes towards solving water-related problems throughout the world using adapted, integrated, and sustainable approaches.

With its comprehensive product portfolio JUMO makes an important contribution towards the automation and efficiency of water and wastewater plants. As a result, JUMO sensors and measurement technology for level, flow, pressure, and liquid analysis as well as for control and recording technology is used worldwide for even better and sustainable implementation of this highly-valuable resource. In turn, JUMO benefits from the range of services that the "German Water Partnership" offers.

This means, for example, that association members are supported in their efforts to establish communication as well as business links abroad. At the same time, the expertise and unique selling points of the German water industry and research are presented at international symposia and conferences.

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