In verbinding met de cloud gebaseerde IoT-oplossing van morgen!

Het Internet of Things (IoT) is het hoofdthema, als het om digitalisering in de industrie gaat. Als gevestigde fabrikant van sensoren en automatiseringssystemen, is het daarom logisch dat JUMO, samen met u als klant, nieuwe IoT-oplossingen met echte toegevoegde waarde ontwikkelt. Uw belang staat hierbij centraal en daarom streven wij naar het bieden van een heldere en begrijpelijke basis op het gebied van IoT.

De definitie is simpel: het begrip "Internet van dingen" beschrijft de groeiende onderlinge verbinding van apparaten (smart things), die via IP-adressen aan het internet verbonden zijn. De klassieke computer, zoals wij die kennen, treedt bij deze processen steeds meer naar de achtergrond. Als men de datastromen van deze IoT-apparaten evalueert via een op de cloud gebaseerde interface en de gegevens op een efficiënte manier verschaft, b.v. visueel kan echte toegevoegde waarde worden gegenereerd voor uw bedrijf.

Hoe zou zo'n IoT-oplossing er uit kunnen zien? Hiervoor hebben wij een levendig, fictief toepassingsvoorbeeld gemaakt:

Bekijk deze korte impressie voor aanvullende informatie

Stay connected with the cloud-based IoT solutions of tomorrow!

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the one of the pointers when it comes to digitization in the industry. It is therefore logical that JUMO, as an established manufacturer of sensors and automation systems, together with you new IoT solutions with real added value develops. Your interests are central and that is why we strive to offer a clear and understandable basis in the field of IoT.

The definition is simple: the term "Internet of Things" describes the growing interconnection of devices (smart things) that are connected to the Internet via IP addresses. Classic programs for the computer, as we know it, is increasingly moving to the background in these processes. If one evaluates the data streams of these IoT devices through a cloud-based interface and provides the data in an efficient manner, e.g. visually real added value can be generated for your company.

What could such an IoT solution look like? For this we have created a fictional application example:

View this short impression for additional information

Cold chain in the cloud

Our fictional customer "freshDeliver GmbH" supplies exclusive products for the food industry in many countries worldwide. He would like to know whether his products successfully completed the cold chain process. To ensure the quality of his exclusive products during transport, he needs a large number of refrigerated containers in which temperature, pressure and humidity are controlled. JUMO offers the customer the corresponding sensors with a configured control system as a complete solution.

In addition, "freshDeliver GmbH" receives a website tailored to its dashboard. Here the customer can view and monitor all sensor data of each individual container worldwide via mobile devices such as the smartphone.

How it works:

After commissioning, the JUMO control system sends all sensor data from the smart IoT Devices - in our case IoT temperature, pressure and moisture values ​​from the refrigerated containers to a secure computer network. This network represents the cloud chosen by the customer and is visualized as a dashboard. The customer "freshDeliver GmbH" can now access his data via the browser of his smartphone. The smart sensors do not need an interface for an overhead stationary computer, but can be controlled directly via IP addresses. On the dashboard, "freshDeliver GmbH" can see from the green lights whether all values ​​for the quality guarantee of the goods have been achieved during transport.

The customer automatically receives a message in the event of any deviations in the values, like out of range values, on his mobile device.

"freshDeliver GmbH" has a clear overview during transport and can early intervene if necessary to take the correct measures. The data is always secured and cannot be viewed by third parties. In addition, it is possible for "freshDeliver GmbH" to save the complete transport overview in the computer without manipulation. In this way, the customer always has the correct proof of perfect quality during delivery.

Our current services

The current services includes

- JUMO Engineering
In addition to the extensive product portfolio in the field of measurement and automation technology, JUMO provides the market with total solutions and is therefore also a system supplier. Our technical service is the hart of this complete and tailor-made approach. The JUMO Engineering Team offers you extensive know-how gained through years of experience of our engineers in the market.

- JUMO Device App
With the Device App, the customer is able to view current process values ​​and call up event and alarm lists. Only one IP address is required for the connection.

- Web Application
The web application makes it possible to create a browser-based online visualization in individual company design. Via this application, the customer can anticipate equipment data online, view operating images and control processes remotely.

It is currently possible to use the JUMO Device App and the web application with all JUMO devices that have an ethernet connection. Both software products are currently based on a cloud-independent storage system. However, with the addition of a cloud, completely new service options are brought to you.

Always up-to-date with the JUMO Device App

The furure does not wait

Design the future IoT service offering together with us

What we can offer in our future services depends on your requirements and wishes. Concepts such as "cloud computing", "predictive maintenance", "condition monitoring", "asset management" and "analytics" are central to this.

The enclosed graph shows a first working IoT application that served at JUMO as a study object. It was first presented at SPS IPC Drives in November 2017 and shows how the LOGOSCREEN 600 records the measured values as a gateway, sends them to the Cloud via MQTT (message protocol) and displays them graphically in a personalized dashboard. The one-sided encrypted information serves as data security for the customer. The dashboard provides, among other things, display of alarms, process visualization, algorithms, batch protocols, automatic email sending, real-time monitoring of process values.

The data can be viewed worldwide with any desired mobile device. The dashboard automatically adapts to the display of the device used.

IoT solutions doesn't only work through customer dashboards, it can also be converted to any other process. This makes it technically possible to realize automatic process controls, data storage, simple connection of devices and the realization of autonomous diagnostics.

In the future, JUMO will be able to implement various IoT solutions for customers in a targeted and efficient manner with its own developments.

We are supported by competent partners, whose core competence lies in cloud platforms and cloud services.

We look forward to the future and to a successful cooperation with you!

Data available worldwide through the dashboard

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