17 & 19 november 2020
Wat heeft u nodig om uw proces te automatiseren voor de toekomst.
  • smart sensors
  • veilige dataregistratie
  • IIoT

24-26 november 2020
Uitdagingen bij druk- en temperatuursensoren voor metingen in waterstoftoepassingen.
  • groene waterstof
  • klimaat doelstellingen
  • energietransitie

6-8 oktober 2020
Deze week staat in het teken van procesveiligheid in de maak- en procesindustrie. JUMO informeert u over industriële veiligheid in thermische processen.
  • SIL en PL
  • Ex-bereik
  • veiligheidsbesturing

27 oktober 2020
De meerwaarde van digitale sensoren ten opzicht van conventionele sensoren. Uiteraard maakt u dit online kennisevent kennis met de connectie naar de Cloud.
  • cloud computing
  • predictive maintenance
  • device- / web applicaties

3-5 november 2020

Met de integratie van Industrie 4.0 wordt communicatie binnen de verschillende industriële omgevingen nog belangrijker.
  • OPC UA
  • Industrie 4.0
  • IO-Link

Agenda 2021

FHI: Industrial Ethernet
25 maart 2021
Het event om gebruikers en potentiële gebruikers te informeren over de mogelijkheden van Industrial Ethernet.
  • Universeel protocol
  • Standaard voor smart devices
  • Eenvoudig aanpasbaar

JUMO: Klimaattechniek
6 april 2021

Kalibratie van temperatuur, pH en EC. Wat komt er allemaal bij kijken?
  • kalibratie temperatuur
  • kalibratie pH
  • kalibratie EC

29 september 2020
JUMO informeert u over oplossingen die het mogelijk maken processen binnen de energietransitie te vergemakkelijken.
  • Geothermie
  • Van Gas naar Elektrisch
  • Waterstof

Sprekers: Steven de Graaf, Wouter Horst & Marco Teunizen


24 november
Daar waar we de grootste winst kunnen behalen met het oog op het behalen van de klimaat doelstellingen, namelijk de industrie, biedt de toepassing van waterstof misschien de oplossing. JUMO vertelt u alles over de inzet en uitdagingen van meet- en regelapparatuur bij waterstoftoepassingen.

De inschrijving is nog niet geopend. Uw aanmeldlink volgt snel.

Speaker: Dirk Kop

FHI online: Industrial Ethernet

March 25

Speaker: Dirk Kop

Industrial event to inform users and potential users about the possibilities of Industrial Ethernet.

You will gain collective insights into the basics, use, and especially the integration and possibilities of Industrial Ethernet. Where the innovation has just started and the possibilities are endless. What can you expect from JUMO? An interesting online webinar about OPC UA and the cloud:

From wireless sensors via OPC UA to the cloud

Fresh air, sufficient humidity and a stable temperature are essential for a healthy working climate within the building, which increases the efficiency and productivity of people. Automation and digitization can contribute to this healthy working climate by identifying and managing the right parameters.

More and more the measurement of temperature, humidity and CO² takes place through wireless sensors. The receivers of these sensors more often being included in PLC control systems. The receiver also serves as a gateway which sends the data to the cloud so that it is available everywhere for every authorized user.

JUMO shows you which technologies you can apply to transfer data from wireless sensors through a PLC / Gateway and OPC UA in the cloud.

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Speakers: Dirk Kop and Marco Teunizen

JUMO online: Climate control

April 6th

Speakers: Dirk Kop and Marco Teunizen

It is important to create optimal conditions for various processes, both in the food production supply and in medical applications. The developments in this area do not stop and the use of digital techniques such as sensors, scada software and cloud applications in climate control steadily grows.

Program (10.00 - 12.00h)

  • What new possibilities do we see in the various measurements in climate control?
  • Creating an optimal climate by using the right control technologies
  • Innovation in process visualization
  • Live demo multi-channel process controller

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Speakers: Wouter Horst, Dirk Kop, Marco Teunizen

JUMO online: Shipping industry

June 15

Speakers: Wouter Horst, Dirk Kop, Marco Teunizen

Safety and comfort are important topics in the shipbuilding industry. Variables such as temperature, pressure and level must be measured. High safety standards applies for measurement and control technology in the shipbuilding industry

During this event JUMO informs you about the latest possibilities in the field of process optimization, safety and comfort for shipping industry.

Program (10.00 - 12.00h)

  • What new possibilities do we see for measurements in the shipping industry?
  • Water management in the shipping industry
  • Safety, SIL and Ex; what requirements applies in the shipping industry?
  • Live demo level sensors and thermostats for the shipping industry

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JUMO Online events

JUMO has a lot experience and in-house knowledge which we share during our knowledge events and practical days. In 2021 we have put together a diverse program about industrial sensors and automation for various industries.

The Netherlands has many different branches of industry and every industry has its own issues and challenges. We strive to create a diverse program with our online events and those of the FHI in which we participate. With the aim of providing the industries the right knowledge and expertise.

JUMO events

Our knowledge events and practical days are small-scaled with sufficient space to answer personal questions. In addition to clear explanations, we offer you the opportunity to put what you have learned into practice.

Attending JUMO online events is free of charge, but registration in advance is required. Fill in the form for the relevant event or register by telephone on 0294-491491.

JUMO participates in a wide variety of the FHI events.

Brancheorganisation FHI

Branch organization FHI has set up various online knowledge weeks in 2021 in which sharing the knowledge is the central focuspoint. The weeks are filled with webinars on various themes, from 5G and industrial safety to machine building. From instrumentation and analysis equipment to a deeper explanation of PROFIBUS, PROFINET and IO-link and other data communication standards which automation components such as sensors, actuators and controllers uses to exchange information.

JUMO participates at various events organized by the FHI. You can find out which events on this page.

Program 2021

We are happy to announce the program of JUMO events for 2021. A new year where we explain various applications from the industrial sensors and automation sector across the industry.

Below you will find more information about our online events and the FHI events in which JUMO takes part.

Registration is free of charge and can be done through the registration links under the events or by phone on +31 294-491 491 at Saskia van der Laan.

Speaker: Marco Teunizen

FHI online: Industrial Safety

April 21-22

Speaker: Marco Teunizen

This event is all about industrial safety, where we focus on two worlds: the manufacturing industry and the process industry.

Two completely different industries, but often with the same starting point: it has to be safe.

Not only because people are the capital of your company, but also because the consequential damage can be enormous.

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Speakers: Wouter Horst, Dirk Kop and Marco Teunizen

JUMO online: Horti- and agriculture

May 18th

Speakers: Wouter Horst, Dirk Kop and Marco Teunizen

Agriculture and horticulture are constantly looking for new methods and technologies to deal more efficiently with water and energy. In addition, there are more and more laws and regulations regarding zero emissions. This requires a reliable and accurate measurement.

Whether it concerns temperature, pressure, flow, pH or conductivity measurement in this event we inform you about suitable solutions for your application. You will get to know JUMO klimaTRON; the automation solution for your industry.

Program (10.00 - 12.00h)

  • New possibilities with various measurements in agriculture and horticulture/li>
  • Applications in agriculture and horticulture: milking robots and gas scrubbers
  • How can I realize an urban farming climate installation?
  • Live demo

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Speaker: Marco Teunizen

FHI online: Instrumentation & Analysis

May 27

Speaker: Marco Teunizen

The application of instrumentation and analysis equipment in the industry is based on a strong basic knowledge and a continuous innovation of this technology.

The online Instrumentation & Analysis event will take place on Thursday 4th of March. On this day you will be updated on the latest developments in the field of instrumentation and analysis equipment.

More information will follow

FHI online: Hydrogen

June 3

Speakers: will be determined later

Hydrogen is expected to play a major role in making energy consumption more sustainable. The first hydrogen cars and filling stations are a fact, tests are carried out with the admixture of hydrogen in the gas network and there are plans for large-scale production and storage of hydrogen in the North Sea.

However, in order to be able to use hydrogen in new or existing installations, it is important to know how the gas behaves in different situations and what this means for the instrumentation and materials used. This and more will be discussed during this online event about Hydrogen.

More information will follow


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