JUMO knowledge events 2023

The offer for 2023 is known. Various applications from the industrial sensors and automation sector will again be explained in a broad manner.

The Netherlands has many different branches of industry. Each branch has its own issues and challenges. With JUMO knowledge events and the events of the FHI in which we participate, we strive to present an attractive offer. Our aim is to provide the market with the right knowledge and expertise.

You will find the locations of the events organised by the FHI on this page.

Program 2023

Below you will find all information about JUMO knowledge events and the events of the FHI in which JUMO will participate this year.

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10 October, JUMO knowlegde event Digital Sensors

JUMO knowledge event Digital Sensors

applicable to any process

During this knowledge event we will pay attention to the ever-increasing range of digital sensors. More and more quantities can be measured digitally and more and more different communication protocols are available. Do you want to know more about the latest genereation of digital sensors and the latest communication protocols? Register now for this knowledge event. After the theoretical part in which the advantages and disadvantages of the different communication procols are explained, a workshop follows in which you connect the digtal sensor yourself with the communication protocol of your choice.


09.30 – 10.00 uur Ontvangst JUMO Weesp
10.00 – 10.15 uur Korte introductie JUMO
10.15 – 12.00 uur Introductie digitale sensoren – de nieuwste protocollen*
12.00 -  13.00 uur Lunch
13.00 – 15.00 uur Workshop: Je gaat zelf een digitale sensor naar keuze aansluiten

*O.a.: IO-link en SPE (Single Pair Ethernet met directe connectie naar de Cloud) | TMP 117 digitale chip

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November 14, JUMO knowlegde event Automation

JUMO knowledge event Automation

for quality improvement and process efficiency

November 14, JUMO Weesp

Innovate to Automate - is this years theme of our annual knowledge event on automation. Is the control of your installation up-to-date and future-proof?

By using smart PLC control systems you can significantly improve the efficiency of your production process (installation).

In short, are concepts such as process reliability, flexibility, fast response times, diagnostics, scalability and integration benefits important to you? Then register today for our Knowledge event on Automation Tuesday 14 November.


09.30 AM – 10.00 AM Reception JUMO Weesp
10.00 AM – 10.15 AM Short introduction JUMO
10.15 AM – 12.00 PM PLC control system and system integration capabilities*
12.00 PM – 13.00 PM Lunch
13.00 PM – 15.00 PM Workshop: You will build your own visualization in CODESYS and you will become acquainted with smartWARE setup

*PLC control technology, Single Pair Ethernet and Evaluation capabilities
*Smart controller modules for flexible installation planning
*Cloud and SCADA  - your production process in view 24/7 

JUMO knowledge events

Our knowledge events and practical days are small-scaled with sufficient space to answer personal questions. In addition to clear explanations, we offer you the opportunity to put what you have learned into practice.

Attending JUMO online events is free of charge, but registration in advance is required. Fill in the form for the relevant event or register by telephone on 0294-491491.

FHI, federation of technology industries

Branche organisation FHI

Branch organization FHI has set up various events in 2023 in which sharing the knowledge is the central focuspoint. The topics vary on 5G and industrial safety to machine building. From instrumentation and analysis equipment to a deeper explanation of PROFIBUS, PROFINET and IO-link and other data communication standards which automation components such as sensors, actuators and controllers uses to exchange information.

JUMO participates at various events organized by the FHI this year. You can find out which events on this page.


Event: PROFIdag november 2023

The focus of this event is on concrete possibilities and benfits realized with PROFIBUS and PROFINET technology. This experience-based knowledge helps users translate problems into solutions. Through cooperation with Competence Centers, Training Centers, and the International PROFIBUS and PROFINET organization (PI International), PI Netherlands offers the ost extensive expertise on its techology. PI Netherlands considers it important to inform the market immediately. This one-day event will therefore take place again this fall. JUMO is a participant and provides a workshop in which a JUMO IO-link sensor is configured and read via an IO-link master. The master can be accessed via Modbus TCP / PROFINET, allowing users to view the measurement data on the PC via a software tool.


Product specialist

Dirk Kop +31294491481 Dirk.Kop@jumo.net +31294491481

Product specialist

Marco Teunizen +31294490305 Marco.Teunizen@jumo.net +31294490305

Senior account manager

Wouter Horst +31294490303 Wouter.Horst@jumo.net +31294490303

Team leader Engineering

Joris Lit +31 294 491483 joris.lit@jumo.net +31 294 491483

Team leader Sensor production

Cees Nooij +31 294 491487 cees.nooij@jumo.net +31 294 491487

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JUMO Knowledge events 2023

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