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JUMO control technology

Many processes, machines and installations are extremely difficult to control without advanced automation technology. To mention some process, such as temperature, pressure, flow and level, not only need to be monitored, but also controlled precisely. Accurate and reliable control technology is an important requirement for consistent product and process quality. In addition, the right control technology ensures energy-efficient operation of any system.



Temperature is one of the most important measurement variables in many industries and it has been a core competence of JUMO since the company was founded. A accurately controlled temperature is essential for many production processes. JUMO offers suitable equipment for a wide range of applications, from room temperature measurement in building management and air-conditioning rooms to high temperature measurement in industrial oven construction. The range of temperature control technology includes sensors (analog, digital, and wire-less), controllers, thermostats, and complete automation solutions.


JUMO oven control with automation system mTRON T
The quality of a product is determined by the correct control of a process. JUMO automation solutions include complete controls for the most varying applications, whether temperature monitoring in an oven process control system or climate control.
  • Integrated web server
  • 8.4" TFT-touchscreen
  • Customer-specific process screens

JUMO diraTRON controller series
Universally applicable controllers are widely available on the market for the control of temperature, pressure and other process variables. JUMO's universal diraTRON controller series consists of five freely configurable compact controllers in different DIN formats for optimal application possibilities.
  • Creation of individual ST code application
  • Vibrant display
  • High degree of functionality

JUMO temperature sensors
Temperature control is essential for an optimal process flow. An extensive range of temperature sensors and corresponding process controllers ensures optimum results in air-conditioning, cooling and heating technology as well as in equipment construction and process technology. Wireless and digital versions completes the range.
  • Vibration-resistant measuring insert
  • Application-specific insertion length
  • Flexible sheath cable



Pressure measurement is one of the most important control tasks in almost all branches of industry. High-quality equipment ensures reliable and safe measuring results and offers the right solution for every application: hygienic for the food and pharmaceutical industries, universal for machine and system construction, and always highly accurate. JUMO pressure sensors are developed and patented in-house. Our pressure and measurement systems are of the highest quality. You can choose between different measuring systems. These includes piezoresistive silicon, metal thin film, ceramic thick film, or capacitive ceramic.


JUMO MIDAS robust and accurate
The automotive industry, mechanical engineering and installation technology requires heavy demands on control technology. High load capacity and resistance to wear are requirements when using control devices. Pressure transmitters of the JUMO MIDAS series meet these requirements and can be used in fluid and gaseous media.
  • Low investment costs
  • Has different output signals
  • Long-term stability + overload resistance

JUMO pressure measurement technology with IO Link
In addition to analogue control technology, JUMO offers digital control technology such as sensors with IO-Link. These are used, among other things, for relative and absolute pressure measurement in liquids and gases. IO-Link pressure sensors are well suited for connection to Masters. Pressure control technology for use in the Ex, SIL and ATEX range is also available.
  • Reduction of the startup times
  • Increased plant efficiency
  • High process reliability

Control technology for hygienic applications requires sealfree measuring systems. JUMO DELOS is a seal-free sensor with optimum mounting options; the display can be rotated by 160° in relation to the process connection if required, and by 180% for mounting with the process connection on top.
  • Flexible installation position
  • High bursting safety
  • Simple configuration



Years of experience in the field of water treatment have taught JUMO how important accurate flow control can be. The portfolio of flow controllers is therefore extensive. In addition to electromagnetic flow meters, JUMO supplies paddle wheel sensors, flow sensors and differential pressure transmitters. Whether measuring gases, liquids or sludge, the right control solution for the measured variable flow is available for every application.


Flow measurement well organised
The control of liquid media requires specific requirements with regard to the control equipment used. Viscosity, concentration and density are some examples that must be taken into account when handling water, drinking water, wastewater, paste, acids, solvents, sludge, fruit juices and pulp. JUMO flowTRANS MAG is such an all-rounder.
  • Wear and maintenance free
  • High degree of measuring accuracy
  • Simple and quick startup

Paddle wheel flowsensor
The paddle wheel sensor is suitable for continuous measurement of the flow rate of neutral and slightly aggressive media with low solids content. Flow velocities of 0.3 to 10 m/s can be measured, with a proportional pulse frequency of 0 to 300 Hz. Installation is possible in pipes of DN15 to DN400.
  • Minimal installation effort
  • Standardized fittings
  • Low investment costs

Flow detection with JUMO PINOS
The determination of flow in liquid media can be done in several ways. For instance, using the calorimetric measurement principle. The main areas of application are in cooling water circuits, pump systems (control of dry running protection), in heat exchangers, lubrication circuits and leakage monitoring of process pipes.
  • Micro USB configuration interface
  • Any installation position
  • Analog or switching output



For level control, many criteria are required to be considered. For example the temperature and densitiy of the liquid media and it's characteristics. In addition, information is required on the maximum height to be measured and any cable length required. JUMO has many years of experience in hydrostatic level measurement in the sector of level control. As a supplier of floats from JUMO's metal technology division, the portfolio contains a wide selection of float switches and level transmitters for precise level measurement.


Level control in vehicles
Reliable vehicle diagnostics is partly determined by optimally adjusted control of level and temperature in the drive/engine system. For example, the engine and transmission oils, which under the right circumstances will provide cars, commercial vehicles and construction and agricultural machinery with optimal performance.
  • Installation position: standing or suspended
  • Additional temperature output as optional extra
  • Connecting cable: cross-linked polyester

Climate control
In heating and air-conditioning systems, level control is important for the operation of heat and cold transfer. This is performed by the use of a fluid, usually water. The system's filling level must be regulated and monitored to ensure that the system works efficiently and does not, consume too much water unnecessarily when it is not needed. Floaters provide the solution.
  • Maintenance-free device setup
  • Price-performance ratio
  • Side mounting via compression fitting

Process reliability
Correct level control guarantees process reliability. The JUMO level sensors of the MAERA series are characterized by the high overload resistance of the piezoresistive measuring cell. Long-term stability, temperature resistance and reliability are important factors contributing to the successful operation of your process.
  • Optionally with temperature sensor Pt100
  • 80 times the overload resistance
  • Resistant against aggressive media

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