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What is predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance is the technique that ensures that maintenance can be predicted at the right time.

Using a combination of smart sensors, Internet of Things (IoT), data analysis and modelling, equipment can be continuously monitored and analysed during operation. This data can be used to predict when the machine needs to be serviced. This reduces the chance of unexpected failures, avoids unnecessary preventive maintenance and reduces the frequency of maintenance. By making equipment ever smarter, such a process is profitable, efficient and as sustainable as possible. The automated maintenance system helps the company to convert these measurement data into maintenance strategies.

What is predictive maintenance?

Predictive maintenance

Data collection predictive maintenance

Data collection predictive maintenance

How does predictive maintenance work?

Firstly, the data must be collected from the machine. With the already existing data (maintenance records, machine data, CMMS and historical analyses), the baseline values can be determined. This data provides useful information about the behaviour of the machine and therefore forms the basis for predictive maintenance. Next, the failure points can be analysed. Is there a frequency of failures and how can the failures be identified? After collection and analysis, smart sensors, for example for temperature, flow and pressure, can be installed on the machine. They monitor critical machine parts or auxiliary systems to signal changes in the condition of the machine. Flow sensors monitor the flow of lubricating or cooling water. Level and liquid sensors can also be used as measurement and control technology. By using an IoT platform, the data from the various machines can be registered and read out, and alarm and planning functions can be set up.

Example predictive maintenance

A simple example of this is monitoring the gas and electricity consumption of your application. As soon as it consumes more or less power during a run, it may be time to perform maintenance on burners or heating elements. If you then also link this to the temperature increases, running hours and min/max temperatures of a run, you get a much clearer picture and prevent unplanned downtime of the installation.

 Gas consumption for predictive maintenance

Gas consumption

Sensors Predictive Maintenance


Predictive maintenance with JUMO Engineering

JUMO implements sensors in the machines that provide predictive maintenance. Our engineering department specialises in implementing JUMO equipment with predictive maintenance. Sensors and measurement and control equipment from JUMO are becoming ever smarter, making it possible to anticipate breakdowns and/or malfunctions. Systems are made up of various devices such as sensors for measuring temperature, pressure, level, flow and fluid. JUMO automation products such as thyristor controls and SSR switches, as well as systems with PLC functions such as JUMO mTRON T, JUMO DICON touch, and the latest control platform JUMO variTRON, play an important role here. The latter measures and controls various quantities that can then be transferred to a JUMO IoT platform such as smartWARE SCADA and smartWARE CLOUD.


Digital input/output module 32 channels for JUMO variTRON
Digital input/output module 32 channels for JUMO variTRON
Datasheet 7005031
  • 17 fixed digital outputs
  • 3 option slots with 5 digital inputs or outputs each
  • Switching states are visualised by LED
Cloud Solutions
Cloud Solutions
JUMO IoT solutions
  • For process visualisation, registration and data storage
  • Global visibility with common web browsers
  • Alarm management and high data security
Cloud Solutions JUMO IoT

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