Renewing current systems

Data is the new gold

It is a challenging market where there are plenty of opportunities to provide our customers with a wide range of services to improve, optimise and professionalise the production process. Hardware is increasingly shifting towards software and data analysis systems. You could say that data is the new gold.
Sensors and measurement and control equipment are becoming smarter and smarter, making it possible to anticipate, for example, the breakdown of a production line for any reason. In this way, companies can avoid a considerable financial setback. After all, downtimes are a major cost item that must be prevented at all times. Our Engineering Department is busy further developing the possibilities of making existing systems at customers smarter and smarter, so that complete production processes can be reproduced in a fully customer-specific manner. This development has taken off with the arrival of the JUMO variTRON system.

JUMO Engineering

To innovate is to foresee

A lot has changed in the field of communication in recent years. Connectivity is the biggest step forward in all respects. This also applies to the data from our customers' many production processes. The connectivity that is often used depends very much on the frequency and type of data in the various processes. Whether it is a wired network, WIFI network, 4/5G solution or a combination of these.

In recent years, JUMO has invested heavily in developing a wide range of digital sensors, automation technology and Cloud solutions to meet market demands for making processes more efficient, user-friendly and sustainable. Our engineering department realises that being able to provide a total solution is becoming increasingly important. For JUMO, this means that in addition to high-quality hardware and software, we offer our clients innovative engineering services.

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Case Study Ruma Rubber

Ruma Rubber based in Hoogeveen (Netherlands) produces rubber rollers. The autoclaves were equipped with analogue writers for the registration of the process data. The temperature and pressure were recorded during the process in the autoclave. Ruma Rubber wanted a new form of logging, in which data would be logged more accurately and could be read more easily. The autoclaves were equipped with the PCA/PCC 3000 system by JUMO. The PCC tool ensures that the data of the hardware in the process goes to the server. The PCA part takes care of the visualisation of the data.

Ruma Rubber

Ruma Rubber


Data is transferred from the four autoclaves to the central m-TRON PLC via RS485. The CPU module is used for communication. The information from the autoclaves and the data logging is processed by the CPU.

The result is a new system where after each batch, a screen shows whether the vulcanisation process went well. During this process, the product is heated under pressure to prevent air inclusion, after which the material acquires its specific rubber properties. One can also see at a glance whether both the pressure and the temperature have the correct values and whether they have been maintained long enough. The system automatically issues a warning if a value deviates during this process.

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