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Practical experience alongside school and studies

No matter whether you want some initial experience on a school placement, are looking for an internship for your specialist diploma (Fachabitur), or need practical work experience for your studies, you're in the right place. JUMO can offer you a placement to help you learn more about the company and its career opportunities, and gain valuable practical experience. If you are studying for a degree, you can also work on your own projects with us for your dissertation or thesis.

School placements

We offer school placements in all of our skilled occupations. At JUMO, you can find out what it is like to work in electrical engineering, information technology, glass technology, and metal technology, as well as within the commercial side of the business, and gain some initial practical experience.

Learn about different careers at JUMO, e.g. industrial mechanic

Specialist internships

As your practice partner, JUMO accompanies and supports you on your way to obtaining your specialist diploma (Fachabitur). For students specializing in a particular subject, we offer internships in the areas of electrical engineering, information technology, mechanical engineering, and economics and administration.

This is where you'll find all of the information about your specialist internship.

Bachelor-Student at JUMO

No matter whether before or during your course of study: JUMO offers practical experience for specialist courses and university degrees.

Bachelor-Student at JUMO

JUMO imparts practical knowledge relating to different areas, such as mechanical engineering

JUMO provides practical experience during your studies

JUMO can provide you with interesting tasks and projects relating to the various subject areas. You can work on these either as part of an internship, or dissertation or thesis. If you are a working student, you also have the opportunity of gaining practical experience at our company.

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Human Resources

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