Calibration of temperature sensors

Our more than 75 years of experience in the manufacture of temperature measurement technology and our expertise as an accredited laboratory since 1992 have given us a high level of technical expertise in temperature calibration. We offer both ISO and DAkkS calibration services, which can be carried out either in the laboratory or on site. Calibrations of temperature sensors according to AMS and CQI are also possible. You benefit from:

Calibration of temperature sensors

Extensive experience in precise calibration

Since the company was founded over 70 years ago, JUMO has been actively engaged in temperature measurement as a manufacturer. This knowledge forms the basis of our expertise as a service provider for temperature calibration. For this reason, JUMO established the DKD laboratory back in 1992. Benefit from our experience in calibration and reduce measurement uncertainties to a minimum.

Accredited calibration of thermodynamic measured variables in the laboratory and on site

Our services

  • Calibration range: -200 to +1100 °C (laboratory), -40 °C to +700 °C (on-site)
  • RTD temperature probes
  • Direct-display thermometers
  • Temperature transmitters, data loggers
  • Thermocouples
  • Temperature block calibrators*
  • Mechanical thermometers
  • Temperature display devices and simulators
  • Climatic chambers (temperature)

*Only in the laboratory

Your benefits

  • Manufacturer expertise in high-quality temperature measuring devices
  • Calibration of entire measuring chains – including devices from other manufacturers
  • End-to-end service from a single supplier
  • International comparability and recognition of accredited calibrations avoids costs due to multiple assessments
  • Fewer product defects or recalls
  • Greater customer confidence in the quality of your products and services
JUMO devices are always being calibrated according to DAkkS

JUMO devices are always being calibrated according to DAkkS

On-site calibration

On-site calibration

Calibrations according to ISO 9001

In addition to the accredited calibration, accredited service providers also offer calibrations according to ISO 9001. Customers benefit from the following advantages if they appoint an accredited service provider to carry out a calibration according to ISO 9001: guaranteed specialist and technical expertise, traceability of the reference instruments used, and standard of quality.

In addition, JUMO also offers you the possibility of performing the calibration across all parameters, regardless of the manufacturer. As a result, plant operators benefit from the most accurate measurements under real process conditions directly at the plant.

Tests and qualifications according to AMS2750 and CQI-9

The North American automotive group AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) is the awarding body for the CQI Standards (Continuous Quality Improvement). CQI-9 Heat Treat System Assessment is a rating for heat treatment, which has to be carried out at least once a year.

This standard supplements ISO TS 16949 (IATF 16949) and is valid for all global automotive suppliers that have entered into a purchase/supply/quality agreement in any part of the supply chain. JUMO would like to help its customers adhere to these standards through its services.

Heat treatment of the highest standard

Finally, we have been offering products, end-to-end solutions, and services for heat treatment systems for more than 70 years, which, in turn, are used in almost all areas of industry. They are subject to the most stringent tests and qualifications according to AMS2750 (aviation and aerospace industry) and CQI-9 (automotive industry), especially as the heat-treated products are largely used in safety relevant areas.

In regulated applications from industries such as aviation and aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, and gas and steam turbines, the accuracy of the individual components is especially crucial for the process to be successful. A flawed batch due to a process deviation can lead to immense financial damages.

Our services

Process measuring technology and data recording according to AMS2750 and CQI-9:

  • Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS)
  • System Accuracy Test (SAT)
  • Device testing
  • Measurement and control technology (temperature sensors)
  • Data recording and visualization

Your benefits

  • Adherence to relevant standards (ISO TS 16949 (IATF 16949), AMS2750E, and CQI-9)
  • Ensuring the accuracy of the individual components in the process
  • Minimizing errors caused by process deviations

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Temperature calibration

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