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If you haven't found what you're looking for in our standard range, we can probably still help you with a customer-specific sensor. Are you looking for a pressure transducer, temperature sensor or a special sensor for liquid analysis? No problem! Just contact us for the possibilities.

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Our range of services:

  • development according to your requirements
  • a large number of testing and inspection systems
  • material management
  • mechanical tests
  • thermal testing

Your benefits:

  • optimal solutions for your application
  • high quality products
  • engineering (consulting, construction)
  • quality assurance systems

Custom made
Our production department is set up in such a way that we can switch quickly to help customers in an emergency. Depending on the design and quantity, sensors can often be produced and delivered the same day. Another advantage of being able to supply customized products is that the production work is challenging and varied. JUMO Weesp's TSP is able to adapt the sensor to the customer's requirements, saving the customer labor-intensive and costly process modifications. Manufacturing involves a lot of skilled and manual work. Zoals zachtsolderen (tin), hardsolderen (zilver), lassen en allerhande assemblagewerkzaamheden. Ook het verbinden van de mantelelementen vraagt om specialisme. Als sensoren eenmaal geproduceerd zijn en nabehandeling nodig is gebeurt dat ook op de TSP in Weesp. Deze werkzaamheden bestaan o.a. uit het grof schuren en borstelen, het zandstralen en polijsten, maar ook oppervlaktebehandelingen zoals (hard)verchromen, elektrolytisch polijsten en verschillende soorten coating kunnen worden gerealiseerd.

Customized sensors

Sensor welding

Customized sensors

Terminal head

A few different types
The head sensor is a sensor equipped with a connection head that is preferably used for temperature measurement in liquid and gaseous media. Due to the specific design of this JUMO sensor, the seal is very reliable both at under- and overpressure. JUMO produces these sensors, among others, for HVAC, oven and appliance construction. With the cable sensor, the sensor is not equipped with a connection head but the measuring element is encapsulated in a sleeve with a cable. This type of sensor is also commonly used for temperature measurement in dry or humid areas with a temperature range of -50 to +400 °C. In addition to analog sensors, JUMO offers an extensive range of digital sensors with IO-Link and digiLine (modbus RTU) technology, measurement transducers and wireless sensors.

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Depending on the application, a temperature sensor consists of different components. The general application spectrum of JUMO temperature sensors ranges from -200 °C to + 1600 °C (in industrial furnace processes and foundry technology). The customer has a choice of different measuring inserts (Pt100, Pt500 to Pt1000 and thermocouples), sensor materials and connection options for measuring temperature. Thus, because there are so many different application areas, the requirements for the thermal and mechanical properties of a temperature sensor vary widely. Customers can even come to us for sensors under extreme vibration or used in atmospheres with steam. High pressure and use in aggressive media are no problem for temperature sensors from JUMO. Every year, thousands of temperature sensors find their final destination in the most diverse industrial sectors in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Case study temperature sensor with a Syalon 101 protective tube

For a biogas plant, JUMO produced a customized sensor. In this application, the temperature had to be measured under extreme heat.

For this purpose, JUMO TSP has developed a temperature sensor with a protection tube made of Syalon 101, a special ceramic material. This temperature sensor is equipped with thermocouple "S". This type is , created from platinum and rhodium, in this case with a wire diameter of 0.5 mm2, in a double version. Platinum wire has good resistance to heat, in this application was measured at a temperature of 1200 °C, a temperature at which heat-resistant steel could melt hence additional protection tube of Syalon 101 was chosen.

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