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JUMO presents two new systems

Versatile Flow Measurement Using Primary Elements

When it comes to flow measurement, operators have the choice between a large number of measurement methods. Measurement using differential pressure is deemed particularly reliable and robust. Here, both the pressure transmitter and primary elements are required for a complete measuring point. JUMO has two systems available in its product line. Numerous other variants are available upon customer request.


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In both versions the core element is the JUMO flowTRANS DP R flowmeter, which can be used in liquids, gases, and steam. It is available in numerous nominal widths, for a temperature range between -200 and +1,000 °C, and for a pressure up to 420 bar. The differential pressure is acquired with the JUMO dTRANS p02/p20 DELTA differential pressure transmitter and converted into a proportional flow signal.

Meter run with ring chamber taps (R01)
The meter run R01 is used for nominal widths up to DN 40. Also, it is a primary element with ring chamber taps that has mounted inlet/outlet sections.
The measuring insert is implemented as a standard orifice plate according to DIN EN ISO 5167-2 and also in accordance with the respective operating conditions. Other forms of orifice plates are available upon request. The meter runs are completely assembled and delivered ready-to-install. As a result, possible measuring inaccuracies due to installation faults are reduced.

Orifice plate with individual pressure taps (R02)
For orifice plates DN 50 and DN 1000 the one-piece plate R02 is used. The measuring insert is designed as a standard orifice plate according to DIN EN ISO 5167-2 and cannot be exchanged. The compact design allows for the direct installation of the valve manifold and differential pressure transmitter on the primary element. Installation costs are reduced because differential pressure pipes do not need to be mounted. JUMO flowTRANS DP R02 is available in a compact or remote mount design type. Here, too, other orifice plates are available upon request.

Application areas can be found in the steel, glass, or power plant industry. But they can also be found in water and wastewater engineering as well as in chemical plants. Other uses in the industry include ancillary plants to measure compressed air, steam, or other auxiliary media.

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