Ideas management honors best suggestions

Clever employees make JUMO fit for the future

JUMO idea management remains a successful model despite the pandemic. In 2021, more than 150 employees again participated with almost 200 suggestions. The most successful suggestions were awarded prizes at two events..


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"They are our beacons, because their efforts show all colleagues how JUMO can be made better every day with passion - no matter what the task," emphasized JUMO shareholder Bernhard Juchheim in his welcoming speech.

JUMO Managing Director Steffen Hoßfeld referred to the important role of idea management in the increasingly tough international competition: "We are always putting the way we do things to the test. We definitely have to banish the phrase 'We've always done it that way' from our vocabulary. For that, we need a lived culture of innovation."

Monika Thom, Head of JUMO Ideas Management, drew a pleasing overall balance of the past year: "168 employees participated in Ideas Management in 2021. These submitted a total of 197 suggestions. Thus, we were able to maintain the remarkably high level in the second Corona year." By implementing the ideas, JUMO was able to save around 316,00 euros in costs last year.

First place with the most successful idea went to Martin Jordan. He had analyzed the use of two existing carton cutting machines in the JUMO logistics center and simplified particularly labor-intensive designs. As a result, one of the two machines became superfluous, the storage space and the associated storage space can be used elsewhere, and setup times were reduced. The optimization results in annual savings of 44,500 euros. Second place went to Mario Hauswirth's idea for reducing the use of gold paste in sensor production, thus saving €40,000 in material costs annually. Third place went to Simone Kirsch, who digitized a process in the purchasing area in such a way that high time and material costs were eliminated.

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