Success story Seed breeding

Advanced technology for green thumbs

We want to produce healthy and tasty food as sustainably as possible, with consideration for our planet and the growing world population. For that, process efficiency is important. In this success story you can read more about the cooperation between BASF | Nunhems and JUMO.

Crop background

Plants grow best under the right growing conditions and in the presence of water. The germ, or embryonic plant, inside the seed begins to grow. During this process of germination, the seed shell bursts open, the root begins to grow, and the stem grows upward to form leaves and the upper parts of the plant. This is the beginning of the life cycle of any plant.

As a major player in the seed breeding market, BASF | Nunhems understands the importance of pre-seed treatment, breeding and innovation.


During pre-seeding, it is important to create the ideal growing conditions for the germination process to begin. Priming underlies this germination process. Especially for this application, BASF | Nunhems looked for the most accurate measurement, monitoring and control of the following metrics:
  • pH
  • temperature
  • light
  • air circulation
  • heating and cooling

JUMO variTRON was used for this purpose.  

Seed breeding under the right conditions

The solutions

With JUMO variTRON, BASF | Nunhems has a complete solution that has been carefully tailored to the specific requirements of the application. This applies not only to the hardware, but also to the software.

Thanks to its scalability and freedom of design, the JUMO system is modular and equipped with a modern software architecture.

Continuous process loop

Continuous process loop

System overview JUMO variTRON

System overview JUMO variTRON

Project result

JUMO variTRON offers the ability to record recipe lists so that optimal germination conditions can be easily reproduced. An advantage for preserving the priming process and the further process sequence. With the PLC-based total solution, BASF | Nunhems has a future-proof control platform, with capabilities for process visualization in both the Cloud and SCADA environments.