Case study

Heavier, higher, bigger and further


In civil engineering, jacking technology is used to move existing structures such as bridges or buildings. For example, because there are foundation problems or because the clearance height for shipping needs to be adjusted.

Recently, the jacking installation of a major player in this industry was equipped with the latest automation technology from JUMO.

Auger installation CT deBoer Netherlands

The application

Civil Techniques deBoer from Nieuwegein (NL) has been active in the international world of jacking, sliding and pressing for more than 30 years. To stay ahead, the company uses the latest techniques. Recently, the old measuring and registration system of CT deBoer has been replaced by JUMO variTRON. This complete PLC control system is equipped with the latest interfaces such as OPC UA and MQTT and uses the CODESYS programming environment.

JUMO variTRON-500 PLC automationsystem

JUMO variTRON-500 PLC automationsystem

Data management example with JUMO variTRON

Data management example with JUMO variTRON

Project result

Due to the high degree of design freedom, CT deBoer has the desired process view. With the recording function, data such as jack movements, loads and other relevant parameters are recorded and stored for later analysis.

Error detection is also implemented to have all safety functions required during jacking of heavy loads.